• Michael

A meeting with a Dragon

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Today we had a meeting with Dragon Innovation whom we hope to work with moving forward. Today's meeting was all about manufacturability. They had reviewed the design to see whether HairSense could be a mass manufactured product. They said yes they think it's possible. It's going to be a challenge with lot of new custom parts and tight tolerances but it's in the realms of possibility. So that's amazing news.

If you haven't heard of them, Dragon Innovation was started by the guys who designed the Roomba vacuum cleaner and oversaw the building of the first 4 million units. The Roomba was really the first complex robotic consumer product to be mass produced, so these guys know their stuff. Our meeting was with their Manufacturing and Quality Engineering guy - so we were lucky to talk to the best.

They had a lot of suggestions for improvements. Largely around making it easier to assemble - and even suggestion 3D printed metal parts could be options for some of the components even for large scale manufacturing.

Exciting times ahead!


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