• Michael

The first prototype (aka Frankenstein)

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

The first prototype truly was a Frankenstein. With no hardware experience and no idea of how all the problems would be solved, it grew organically bit by bit. As each new problem was overcome, the prototype would be hacked and modified to an inch of its life. But with each change it moved towards one goal - to replicate a haircut.

And in the end the first prototype kinda worked. It could measure hair and cut hair (although not that well) and it was huge, bulky and very very slow. Here it is in all its glory.

The first prototype.

The first prototype measuring hair length

The reason why it was so slow was that if it was sped up, things would break. Many things were superglued together and the belt would rip apart if it was pulled too fast. And reliability wise all the parts had too much movement, so it was impossible to get the tight tolerances required for accurate repeatability. But it demonstrated that a haircut could be measured and hair could be cut.


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