• Michael

Hairstyle recorded!

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Open the champagne - the worlds first recording of a hairstyle has been completed. Well, this was actually completed about a year ago using the first prototype, but we think it is a milestone worth going into more detail about.

HairSense does two things. First it records and saves hairstyles. Secondly it can cut your hair to one of these saved styles. So actually getting a hairstyle recorded was a pretty major achievement.

To record a hairstyle we started off with a brand new uncut hairdressing Mannequin. We took it in to a local hairdressers and asked them to give him a cut (you can see him with his new hairstyle in the video below). Then we ran Hairsense through the Mannequins hair in recording mode, and slowly built up a model of the hairstyle. The model stores the length of hair at thousands of points over the scalp. 7025 points in this model to be exact.

In the video you can see the point cloud containing all 7025 points, forming the shape of the scalp. This is effectively a recorded hairstyle. This model can now be used to cut longer hair to this saved style. Soon we will apply this hairstyle to a second mannequin with uncut hair.

This hairstyle model was recorded with the first prototype (as shown in a previous blog post). It was slow but the results were remarkably good. The lengths were accurate within a few millimeters, and the position tracking over the head was also surprisingly good for this first generation of hardware.

As this hairstyle came out so well we have decided not to complete the hair-length measuring functionality in the second prototype, which is now close to completion. Time is moving by so quickly, so we would rather focus efforts on getting the cutting functionality of the second prototype working - and finally do the cutting/ replication of a saved haircut.


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