Get salon haircuts. At home.

Recreate your salon haircut, strand for strand. All from home. Automatically.

Always get your perfect haircut. Anytime. In 4 minutes.


How does it work?



Worlds first duplicated haircut

Image. The world's first duplicated haircut. Digitally mapped and cut by HairSense.

first haircut.jpg

Deep dive

Hairdressing has now been reinvented - and you're now in control of your hair.  ​HairSense is a smart hair cutting device that automatically maps, learns and cuts complex hairstyles. It's just like having your own professional stylist at home.

How does HairSense work?

HairSense maps hairstyles: After you arrive home from getting a new salon haircut, have someone glide HairSense through your hair. As it's moving over your head, it collects hair and measures the lengths. It maps over 5000 hair lengths points all over your head, perfectly capturing your haircut in a digital model. You can save this model as one of your own personal styles, which HairSense will later use to recreate your haircut. We track the device's location on the head using in-built vision tracking. A depth camera references its current view against a 3D model of the head to provide precise head tracking down to a few millimeters.

HairSense cuts hair: It's a fully personalised haircut at home whenever you need it.  Select one of your saved styles and HairSense will recreate your haircut automatically. With exact and consistent results, that are as good as the original haircut. Using our patented 'hair-pixel' cutting technology, HairSense is able to accurately isolate hair with a 3mmx3mm scalp resolution, and cut each of these hair segments to any length. Meaning you get the same result as your hairdresser. No hairdressing experience is needed.


Hair length model.

hair square.png

3mx3mm 'hair-pixel' technology

Always there for you

Hair stylists come and go, but HairSense is your forever stylist. Save all the styles you love in digital format and have access to them forever. Recreate your best cut every time in the convenience of your home, whenever it suits you.

Three steps. It's simple.



Get your usual haircut from your favorite hairdressers.

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Once you're home, glide HairSense through your hair. Your device measures and maps over 5000 hair length points. Perfectly capturing your haircut in digital form.

HairSense Project-02.png


Whenever you need a fresh haircut, just glide HairSense through your hair. It cuts each strand of hair to the correct length automatically using our 'hair-pixel' technology. With a result as good as your stylist.

HairSense Project(transparent)-03.png


Update 25 June 2021 - We're funded and well under way to building our third and final prototype. 

Update 1 October 2020 - Our second prototype is about a month away from completion. This is a handheld device able to do a haircut in around 10 minutes. The goal is to get this down to 4 minutes. This latest prototype is a complete overhaul of the technology with massive improvements. Stay posted!  

Update 24 Feb 2019 - We've done it! The world's first replicated haircut has been completed automatically.

Intellectual property

Provisional IP has been filed in 6 countries.




About us

Here at Autolife we get excited when we see technology improving people's lives. Our hope is to harness digitization in hardware and AI to make new products that make people's lives better. 

Autolife is a startup based in Auckland, New Zealand.


Results of hair cutting
Hair Length point cloud

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