Recreate your salon haircut, strand for strand. All from home. Automatically.

Get great haircuts. At home.

How does it work?

How it works

Hairdressing has been revolutionized. HairSense is a smart device that can give you a salon quality haircut at home automatically. Not just any cut, but an exact replica of one of your own haircuts that you had styled by your hairdresser in the salon. It's just like having your own professional stylist at home.

How does HairSense work?

HairSense maps hairstyles: After you get a new salon haircut, when you get home, have someone run HairSense over your head. As its moving, it pulls hair in to measure the lengths.  It maps over 5000 hair lengths points all over your head, perfectly capturing your haircut. It saves this model as one of your own personal styles. You can map and save as many of your favorite hairstyles as you like. It only takes around 5 minutes to map a full haircut. 

HairSense cuts hair: HairSense can then give you a fully personalised haircut at home whenever you need it. Simply have someone run HairSense over your head and it automatically cuts your hair to one of your saved salon styles. As its moving over the head, it pulls hair in and cuts it to the correct length automatically. HairSense is able to dynamically cut hair to any length at any point over the head with a 3 mm x 3mm scalp resolution - meaning the resulting cut is as good as your stylist. You get fresh salon quality cut at home. No hairdressing experience is needed.

Hair stylists come and go, but HairSense is your forever stylist. Save all the styles you love and have access to them forever. And recreate your best cut every time in the convenience of your home, whenever it suits you.

Below. The world's first duplicated haircut, mapped and cut by HairSense.

Explainer video

Three steps. It's simple.


Get a haircut as normal, at your favorite hairdressers.


At home, run HairSense through your hair. It measures and maps the hair lengths. Over 5000 hair length points are recorded, perfectly capturing your haircut.


Whenever you need a fresh haircut, just run HairSense through your hair at home. It will cut your hair to the correct lengths automatically. In just 5 minutes.



Update 30 June 2020 - Our third prototype is about two months away from completion. This will be a handheld device able to give you a personalised haircut in around 5 minutes. This latest prototype is a complete overhaul of the technology with massive improvements - and will look similar to the original vision in our animation above. Stay posted!  

Update 24 Feb 2019 - We've done it! The world's first replicated haircut has been completed automatically. See the video above for the footage of the end results. 

Intellectual property

Provisional IP has been filed in 6 countries.


The future aim is to combine the system with AI to allow customers to buy new haircut styles, and have these instantly modified to fit their head shape and hair growth pattern. 



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